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In a time of need...

At the time of death, there are many important decisions to be made by families.

We encourage you to be in contact with your pastor to have a conversation about plans for a memorial service. Here are some helpful hints for that conversation:

  • Have a conversation with your pastor to provide basic information about your desired plans in advance of need. Pastors frequently maintain files as a service to families about desired music, hymns, favorite scriptures, participants in the service, location of service, etc.

  • Instruct family and friends to contact the pastor at time of need, prior to arrangements being made with the funeral director, to be sure the pastor can be available at times desired for services.

  • Know that the church community is eager to provide funerals and memorial services in our Sanctuary and we are prepared to provide receptions and other services as may be desired. Pastor can be helpful in exploring these possibililities.

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