Music Ministry

Adult Music Ministry

Bob Hendrickson, Organist

Chancel Choir 

     Chancel Choir’s worship presentations are always appreciated and very meaningful to the congregation. The comradery the choir has in working together and caring for one another like a family is a blessing (this is true for the majority of those who have many years vested in the choir). It involves working together to share something with, in this case, the congregation. It is often a stress reliever even though many of our members lead busy lives and come to rehearsals tired and/or weary. However, after singing and laughing, they come away often feeling better.       

     Much of this is due to our leadership which under the past three director/organists has been exceptional.     


Wesley Ringers Bell Choir - directed by Mary Kepple

     Experiencing beautiful music is one way to become closer to God.   This can be true for both the listener and the one creating the music.  It is through music that we hope to transform lives. Thirteen ringers and several substitutes are required for ringing five octaves of handbells and three octaves of choir chimes.  The Wesley Ringers offer their music in worship at least once a month.  We also play for weddings, offer concerts, and have small ensembles that play for community functions and special services.   

     We celebrate that year after year we have talented and faithful volunteers willing to attend weekly rehearsals.   We celebrate that we are friends, we support each other, and that we can create music together. The bonds of creating music together are very personal and special.   We celebrate that the congregation is generous with their affirmations of what we do.

  • Contact the church office for more information at 740-392-6626 or see the director, Mary Kepple.

Children's Music Ministry

Click here for more information on the Youth Music Programs.

Rainbow Singers and Sunbeam Choir - directed by Suzy Springer

The Rainbow Singers (4 years – 1st grade) and The Sunbeam Choir (2nd - 5th grade) meets every Wednesday from September 4th to the first week of May, excluding weeks of school vacations. The Rainbow Singers rehearse from 4:00 – 4:45 and the Sunbeam Choir rehearse from 4:45 - 5:30.  Thanks to parent volunteers there is child supervision from 4:00 – 5:30. The group that is not in rehearsal is upstairs with the parents having after an school snack, playing, doing homework, memorizing songs, working on speaking parts etc. 

     Preparing music for monthly leadership in worship is one of many goals for the children’s music ministry.  We are growing children and creating leaders of worship. Music is only the tool. Children are learning scripture, growing in confidence, creating friendships, socializing with others, praying, and learning that church is another home. 

     One of our goals is that long after children’s choir is a part of their past and when life throws a challenge in their path, the children might recall a verse of scripture, the text of a song, a place where they felt comfort and unconditional love.  And that place is church.

     Our ministry is dependent upon the cooperation of parents and volunteers. It does take a village. The future of the children’s music ministry is dependent upon the support of this congregation.     

  • Rainbow Singers (ages four years through first grade) can join the choir rehearsal on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. in the Music Room.

  • Sunbeam Choir (grades 2 - 5) can join the choir rehearsal on Wednesdays at 4:45 p.m. in the Music Room.



Youth Choir - directed by Suzy Springer

     Youth Choir creates an avenue of expression for youth to learn about and praise God. It allows youth to fellowship and worship together in an environment of love with peers and a mentoring leader. Youth Choir connects youth to Christ through the unique avenue of vocal music and allows for personal expression and sharing Christ’s love through music during rehearsal and worship participation. Youth Choir allows youth to actively participate in worship. 

     The youth choir participates in worship about nine times a year. We strive to provide a nurturing environment for youth to gather and praise God through music; to be aware of the intricate connections between personal and spiritual needs; and to work with other leaders to provide a fluid connection between the music ministry and mission. The youth choir depends on volunteers for piano accompaniment during worship.


Click to listen to the Youth Choir. 








Youth Bell Choir - directed by Heather Stewart

     We challenge you to walk past the bell choir room (201) on Sunday evenings between 5:00 and 6:00 and not smile.  Director, Heather Stewart and her youth bell choir members create beautiful music amidst much laughter and fellowship.  The evidence of their diligence can be heard each month as they enrich our worship time with their music.  This group also participates in special services and events.

  • For more information contact the church office at 740-392-6626


Youth Bell Choir accompanying the Chancel Choir