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Gay Street United Methodist Church is an official collection point for Midwest Mission!
Collections are by appointment only - click here for more information.

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Thank you, congregation, for your generous offerings to Midwest Mission for their student kits. (Midwest Mission most recently sent 4, 260 student kits to 68 schools in Peru.)
In the past three months, you provided 61 pencil sharpeners, 34 boxes of crayons, 643 unsharpened pencils, 114 erasers, 35 pairs of scissors (with a promise of more!), 24 boxes of colored pencils, and 32 rulers! The mission team from our church will take these as a gift from our congregation to Midwest Mission when we go May 5 - 11.
Additionally, our Piece Corps has worked diligently to provide about 10 cover-them-with-love quilts, which we will also donate from our church. These are single-bed sized quilts that will be sent to areas in need. Each one takes considerable time, skill, and fabric to complete, so thank Piece Corps members when you see them!
Your generosity will be appreciated around the corner and around the world!



As part of our support ot Midwest Mission, which distributes many kinds of aid nationally and internationally, we are making sleeping mats from plastic bags. These are provided in disaster areas and for homeless people. Currently, we have one loom to use in creating the mats. Beginning this Sunday, April 21, we'll have the loom set up in the parlor. Plarn (plastic yarn) will be available if you would like to weave a row or two on a mat after the 10:45 service.
Two people can participate at one time: one on each side of the loom. Beth Prince will be there to "show you the ropes". It's easy to do. If you don't know how to make a slip-knot, she'll show you how to connect the new pieces of plarn by making the knot.
It takes 730 regular-sized grocery bags to create one mat, so save your bags and bring them to church. There will be a collection basket in the parlor and next to the chapel. If you would like to cut bags to make plarn (plastic yarn) at home, please see Beth Prince, or go online to and click on "get involved", "patterns", and "sleeping mat". At the beginning of the video about the potholder method you'll see how to cut the bags for weaving. Cutting plarn is the tedious part of the process, so volunteers are needed.
Bags slightly smaller and slightly larger than grocery bags can be used, too.

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