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Directions and Parking

Gay Street United Methodist Church

18 North Gay Street

Mount Vernon, OH 43050

Please note that Gay Street is a ONE WAY street going south to north.

There are many places to park around the church:

   ~the parking garage on Gay Street is currently closed to the public

   ~on-street parking around the church

   ~the Court House parking lot off of East Chestnut Street located behind the church

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Church Entrances

There are four entrances to the church, two are handicap accessible:


                                               ~Gay Street Main Entrance - Up the beautiful stone steps you will find the main entrance to the sanctuary.

                                                                                                You will enter in the back of the sanctuary.



                                               ~Gay Street Side Entrances - Located to the right of the main entrance to the church are two additional doors.


                                                                                                 *Stairs - One door is up a small set of stairs, upon entering you will immediately                                                                                                                         continue up another small flight of stairs to access the parlors.  Entrance                                                                                                                       through the parlors will take you to the middle right side of the sanctuary.


                                                                                                 *Ground Level - The door to the left is at ground level and will lead you to the                                                                                                                          elevator handicap accessible entrance to the church. Take the elevator to t                                                                                                                          the second floor, upon exiting the elevator turn right and follow the                                                                                                                              hall to the parlors and enter the sanctuary through the parlors.

                                               ~East Chestnut Street Door - A ramp allows for handicap accessibility to the church. This is a side entrance to                                                                                                           the sanctuary and guests will enter in the front left-side of the sanctuary.




Church Layout

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