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Lead Pastor
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Rev. Christopher Liberati

I’m in my thirteenth year of ministry as an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. Some might call me a second career pastor, but I would argue that it’s not a career, it’s a calling. I discovered the amazing love of Christ in 2005, while on a spiritual retreat called, “The Walk to Emmaus.” It was on this retreat where God’s deep and abiding love for me became real. A year later, I was called to serve on an Emmaus team. During a communion service there, I felt the call to ministry. It’s been an amazing journey of faith and obedience. At the end of 2010, I closed the doors on my construction company for good so that I could serve my first church beginning January 1, 2011. It’s been an amazing journey of faith and an unbelievable discovery of God’s faithfulness.


I believe in the priesthood of all believers, which means that I am absolutely convinced that everyone has been gifted by our creator to fulfill some sort of calling. It is my joy to help people discover their gifts and guide them into serving where God is calling them.


I have been blessed to be married to my wife Connie for over thirty years now. I credit her faith in Christ as having the most influential impact on my journey towards the Cross. Together, we were blessed to welcome our son into the world on Christmas Day in 2005. Anthony is now 17 and is currently a Sophomore at Mt Vernon High School. As a family, we enjoy riding our ATV’s in places like, Wayne National Forest, Cook Forest PA, Burnside KY and in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee.



Rev. Christopher Liberati

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