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Financial Secretary

Liz Lutwick

Liz grew up on a dairy farm in Coshocton County where the daily chores had to be completed before any social activities were allowed.  She remembers going to church every Sunday with her family at New Guilford Methodist Church. She likes to tell the story about playing an angel in the yearly Christmas program. Her mother took great pains to see that her hair was just right for the role and the robes were pressed and not one wrinkle. But Liz ended up with a stick of gum in her mouth, chewing vigorously the whole time she was on stage. Her mother was so upset with her and never let her forget the gum-chewing event.


After graduating from River View High School, Liz attended Kent State University. After 2 years, she decided to work for a while and then continue her education later. It was quite a delay. After 20 years she went back to school and received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at The Ohio State University.


In 1977, Liz joined the Mount Vernon News as receptionist. She worked in various positions at the News until she joined the bookkeeping department. This sparked her interest in accounting and prompted her to go back to school. In 1994, Liz became assistant publisher of the News. She held this position until she retired in 2020.


Liz lives on a small farm north of Mount Vernon with her sisters, Nancy and Sara.  Corby, Liz’s son, lives in Mount Vernon with his wife Carrie. Their son, Harlan, is now living in New York City attending NYU.

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