Tiny Church - Sacred and Safe - beginning June 14, 2020

     Three Tiny Church opportunities have been built into the pro-posed summer worship schedule; two in the Chapel and one in the Sanctuary. This is to limit too much people time in one worship space and also to avoid overlapping people traffic in hallways. 

     Attendance will be limited to ten people (which we realize could be two families or some combination of individuals and couples). You will need to sign up ahead of time by calling the church. You may want to contact a friend that you used to sit with in church and invite them to sign up for the same Tiny Church service! To sign up for Tiny Church, please call the church office <740-392-6626> the week prior to your Sunday’s worship. 

     The worship experience will focus on prayer and scripture, but may include conversation, participation, and quiet time. The style and content will vary by scripture and theme and leadership week by week. It will, however, be TINY, planned to last only 20-25 minutes. This could be the perfect worship service for you or your family on some busy Sunday this summer. 

     Remember that our people protocols will ask you to come just in time for worship and leave immediately when it is finished. This will also help worship leaders with the busy Sunday schedule. This is a new concept, and we may need to work out some bugs as we get started. Watch for more details or call the church to ask questions. 

     When we are permitted by Bishop Malone and public guidelines, we will launch the following "Tiny Church" Sunday morning schedule.  Please watch for announcements and changes via email.

8:00 am—Tiny Church in the Chapel 

8:30 am—Tiny Church in the Sanctuary 

9:00 am—Live/recorded Worship in the Chapel (limited to participants) 

9:30 am—Virtual Adult Sunday School 

10:00 am—Tiny Church in the Chapel 

10:30 am—Worship in the Sanctuary (will include music) 

People Protocols - Sacred and Safe

1) Follow guidelines for being in public in general practice. These apply to any time you will be coming to the church: in-person worship,            any meeting or activity (like the Friday meal) at the church, or coming to the office. 

  • Handwashing before leaving home

  • Handwashing or sanitizing when entering a public space 

  • Maintaining social distance 

  • Wearing a mask 

2) Additionally before worship or activity of more than 10 minutes. 

  • Consider contacts and travel that you have had in past week 

  • Monitor your own health—taking temperature, controlling coughs/sneezes, etc. 

  • You may choose to wear gloves for yourself or others 

3) Plan to be at the church only within the timelines of an activity. For example, do not come to worship more than 5 minutes before it                 begins and leave the building as soon as it is concluded. Distance socializing can happen outside the building in good weather, which we       will hope for! 

4) Seating in either worship space will be only in alternate pews as marked or directed by an usher or worship leader. Public capacity.                 guidelines will be followed. 

5) Use only the part of the building where an activity is happening, especially on Sunday morning. 

  • If coming to the Chapel or office, enter/exit by the “Chapel door” off Gay Street 

  • If coming to worship in the Sanctuary, enter and exit by the Chestnut 

  • Street ramp door or the steps and large double doors on Gay Street 

  • Friday night volunteers are encouraged to use kitchen door in alley 

6) While the building is receiving extra sanitizing and cleaning of all surfaces at this time, be mindful especially of high-touch surfaces and           avoid them if you can use an elbow, shoulder, or such. 

7) Restrooms should be used by only one person at a time. 

8) Along with all of these physical clean habits, bathe our time together in prayer! 

What To Expect

1) We will be distance greeting - a patting of our hand over the heart, a peace sign, words of kind welcome with eyes expressing our.                   happiness to be in the presence of friends and of the Lord. 


2) We will save our appetites for lunch at home after the 10:30 service as the refreshment table and coffee will be unavailable at least                 through the summer. 


3) We invite people to hum along with the organ, piano, or special vocalists, however, we will not be singing hymns as a congregation until a       little later in the year. 


4) We will offer alternative ways to bless our giving and share communion as our worship continues to evolve through this open-ing. 


5) We invite full family worship and will save dismissing for Children’s Worship for the fall. 

The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

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