Organ Project


  • October-December 2019: Assessment, organization, communication

  • January-June 2020: Information gathering, focus groups, communication

  • July-August 2020: Prepare and present detailed options to congregation

  • September 2020: If not done already, congregation approves plan and next steps are taken

  • October-December 2020: Steering Committee oversees tasks to start project as chosen


Duane Barber, Jr.

Jerry Bell

Joe Bell

Todd Burson

Mary Alice Gordon

Sarah Jancura

Neal Martin

Rev. Karen Oehl

Sherri Pembrook

Steering Committee Purpose:

To determine, oversee, and communicate the healthiest way forward in music worship accompaniment at the Gay Street United Methodist Church.

2/9/2020 Organ Project Update Shared in Worship:

We continue our talks with Muller who is currently storing the organ in Cincinnati.  They continue to be gracious and hold the instrument as we research the best options for church.  They said it is normal for the process to take many years for organizations to raise funds and be ready to install the organ.  Given the expense we are looking at in terms of a pipe organ, we are also reaching out to a different organ company, called Schantz, which is based out of Orville, Ohio.  Receiving a second quote from Schantz we can insure that we, as a church, are taking the best and most financially feasible route for the organ. 

We also continue to investigate the option of a digital organ.  The difference between a pipe organ and a digital organ is a pipe organ is like a wind instrument.  Air is pushed through the physical pipes to create a sound.  A digital organ does this through technology and the sound comes through speakers.  With the advances in technology and sound, the difference between a pipe organ and a high quality digital organ are barely distinguishable.  Digital organs are also more cost effective and require little to no maintenance. 

We are also receiving quotes to rebuild our 1901 Steinway baby grand piano.  We hope to proceed with this soon so if and when we decide to move forward with the organ project we, as a church, will have a functional instrument with which to worship. 

As always feel free to ask questions to the organ committee.

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