Giving Connection

     We are connected. We are connected to the Gay Street United Methodist Church.
    This church is a faith connection—a place to draw closer to God for inspiration, strength, comfort, and joy. The connection is personal. You gladly meet family and friends here in worship, kitchen, choir, classroom, committees, card ministries and collaboration. The connection creates ministry in the world. We have gone beyond our corner of Gay and Chestnut Streets into Mt. Vernon, Gambier, Fredericktown, Knox County Ohio, Knott County Kentucky, Cleveland, Puerto Rico, and beyond other borders.
   We are connected, by the grace of God. People to people. It is the Jesus plan still working in the world today.
   Please celebrate the connection we have to God and people through Gay Street UMC by pledging your financial support. You are not giving to a budget or institution, but to people. Take a moment, right now, to see people:

  • People who sit near you in the pew

  • Children singing

  • A member who has visited with you

  • The neighbor that you see at church

  • The people gathered around tables on Friday night

  • The ambassador welcoming you on Sunday morning

  • A woman whose home in Kentucky is drier and warmer

  • Young men and women attending university

  • Musicians on bells, organ, piano, flute, cello, drums

  • Faces in the candlelight on Christmas Eve

We give, people to people, for the glory of God and in service to others. You are connect-ed, and you make ministry possible.

     Thanks to the people of Gay Street United Methodist Church, and thanks to God for allowing us to be connected every day.

2020 Pledge Card

2020 Electronic Withdrawal Form