Doug Trowbridge

     In 1935, a young fifteen year old girl named Marie Mumaw moved to Mount Vernon with her family from Steam Corners.  Little did she know what that move would mean for her and her future family.

arie’s father worked for the Mount Vernon Bridge Company and had always commuted to work no matter the weather –and that was on State Route 314 when it was a dirt road.  I’m sure the move to Mount Vernon made his commute a lot easier.  One Sunday morning, soon after arriving in Mount Vernon, their father dropped Marie and her two sisters off at the intersection of Gay Street and Chestnut Street and told them to pick a church.  The first church they went into nobody talked to them, so they left.  They ventured into our church and were welcomed readily into the fold.  Little did Marie know that she was laying the spiritual foundation for her children and grandchildren.

     Doug Trowbridge stated that his grandmother, Marie (Mumaw Trowbridge) was the biggest influence in his faith journey and his father, Jim, is a close second.  Doug thought the world of his Grandma Marie.  He always admired her knowledge of the Bible.  He confessed that his Dad’s knowledge of the Bible amazes him, too.

     When Jason Frazer accepted the position of Disaster Response Liaison for the North Central Jurisdiction, the Staff Parish Relations Committee began the search for a person to clean the church.   After meeting with a number of folks, lo and behold, the “right person” was “right here” all the time, and offered the part-time position to Doug and we are delighted that he accepted.

     Doug’s full-time job is in Building Maintenance at the Knox County Board of Developmental Disabilities facility.  Doug has been there ten years.  Doug took Auto Body at the Knox County Career Center and worked for a number of years doing body work.  It also helps with his hobby of restoring cars!  His two “babies” that he has been working on over the years, his 1968 Old Cutlass and 1986 El Camino, get a lot of his attention.  In his basement, you will find another passion of his, Model Trains.  (I’m sure Mildred will tell you that they have taken over the basement!)  Doug’s Uncle Larry is a big time Model Train hobbyist and Doug caught the bug, too.  In between these two hobbies, Doug fits in some wood working, but most of all he loves spending time with his grandchildren.

      Mildred came into Doug’s life thanks to his then 15 year old daughter, Jennifer.  Mildred and Jennifer worked together at McDonalds (Mildred was working two jobs—McDs and Big Bear).  Jennifer was very persistent and kept after her Dad.  She felt they would be a good match.   She finally got them together and within a year Doug and Mildred were married. 

     Doug has two adult children, Justin, who is a Mount Vernon city police officer, and is married to Jackie; and Jennifer (the match maker), who is married to Adam Fletcher and his step-daughter, Heather.  Doug’s grandchildren Raylene, Reece and Ryan and step-grandchild, Gaven provide him with lots of laugh.  Especially when they ride their bikes together on the bike path. (rumor has it that the grandkids have had a few spills racing past Doug on the way home from the bike path – the oldest one even broke her arm!)

Early Saturday mornings you can find Doug out at his parent’s home, having one of his Mom’s delicious  breakfasts and then working on any project that they need done.  Presently, he is working on redoing his Mom’s bathroom.  He would do anything for his Mom and Dad. When I was talking recently to Doug’s dad, Jim, I told him I thought he and Mary had done a fine job raising Doug.  Jim quickly replied, “We are sure proud of him.”

     We are thankful that Doug continues to follow the faith footprint that his grandma Marie left so indelibly on his heart.

The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

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