Music Notes, Sunday, April 14 

It is our hope your worship experience during Lent will be enhanced by the sharing of the texts of anthems and other pieces each week.

We invite you to take these notes with you to utilize these texts, ancient and new, as a personal devotional.

May the music of the Creator speak to you, now and always.

Additional Musical Notes                

The following space will offer to you announcements, invitations, and updates for you from the Musical Ministry of GSUMC.

If you have any questions about this information or if you would like to join with the choir during this very musical season,

please see Chancel Choir Director & Organist, Lucas Weiss or contact him at



A Choral Music Gift: In Commemoration, In Honor or In Memory

You have the opportunity to commemorate a special day, to honor or remember a loved one.  We typically purchase 25 anthems, when a new title is purchased for our choral music library.  The average cost for the 25 copies of a given anthem is $50.00.  On the piano in the parlor you will find the form you will need to complete and the envelope for enclosing your payment made out to Gay Street UMC.  This envelope should be placed in the offering plate.  Please make sure to complete all of the information, especially for contacting you, as Lucas Weiss will be in touch to confirm your request and to share any details.  Your commemoration will be printed in the bulletin and the same information will be added to the folder that holds the specific anthem in the choral music library, as a historical record of your gift. We look forward to commemorating, through music, the cherished ones of the congregation.


Update on the Sanctuary Organ by Lucas Weiss, Organist

Last Sunday, April 7th, the Organ Task Force met with John & Jack Muller of the Muller Organ Company to discuss all aspects of the Sanctuary organ project.  We discussed the current upkeep and ongoing maintenance issues with our current instrument.  John Muller actually spent a day here last week with another member of his staff and spent time taking care of any fixable issues that were currently challenging the instrument we continue to utilize every week for worship.  One of the main challenges we have to face is that the wind chests the pipes are sitting on/connected to, are wearing out and the heat and cold cause those boxes to expand and contract and therefore the old screws continually need tightening and some are not able to be tightened anymore.  There are also issues of pipes that simply can’t sit properly anymore and continuously need a touch here and there to “re-seat” themselves, to allow them to sound and do so in-tune. We also have the deteriorating air handling system that causes extra “wind” sounds and at times is so loud that it begins to drown out the softer sounds of the organ.  And so we are thankful John Muller was able to do what he could to allow this organ to continue its service in worship at Gay Street until the new organ is installed. 


We now know that based on the timeline of other projects being completed by Muller, the regular tuning work Muller completes at certain times of the year, and the work that is to be done to receive the new instrument here, the new instrument will not be installed until the early part of 2020.  While we would like the process to move quicker, we know this is how it must be for the work of this project to be done the right way! 


Continue to watch this space for updates.  Please, feel free to speak with Organist Lucas Weiss if you have any questions or concerns about the project and the work of the Organ Task Force.    

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