Music Notes, Sunday, March 31
The following space will offer to you announcements, invitations, and updates for you from the Musical Ministry of GSUMC.
If you have any questions about this information or if you would like to join with the choir during this very musical season,
please see Chancel Choir Director & Organist, Lucas Weiss or contact him at


A Choral Music Gift: In Commemoration, In Honor or In Memory
You have the opportunity to commemorate a special day, to honor or remember a loved one. We typically purchase 25 anthems, when a new title is purchased for our choral music library. The average cost for the 25 copies of a given anthem is $50.00. On the piano in the parlor you will find the form you will need to complete and the envelope for enclosing your payment made out to Gay Street UMC. This envelope should be placed in the offering plate. Please make sure to complete all of the information, especially for contacting you, as Lucas Weiss will be in touch to confirm your request and to share any details. Your commemoration will be printed in the bulletin and the same information will be added to the folder that holds the specific anthem in the choral music library, as a historical record of your gift. We look forward to commemorating, through music, the cherished ones of the congregation.

Update on the Sanctuary Organ by Lucas Weiss, Organist
Our next update will appear in the space on Sunday, April 14th. Our next Task Force meeting will be held on Sunday, April 7th when we will have yet another in-depth discussion with Muller Organ Company. Thanks for your patience as we make sure we have all of the questions answered so that we might present to you a much more detailed description of the entire project. Please check this space on Sunday, April 14th.
Until Sunday, April 14th, I encourage you to take a moment, and carefully climb the steps up in to the choir loft. Come and see the beautiful console of the Gay Street UMC Organ – this is command central for the current instrument and will serve in the same capacity for the new instrument. In 1926, when the present church structure was under construction, the Votteler, Holtkamp (the company that built the organ that will be redesigned for our space) & Sparling Company of Cleveland, Ohio, built a new beautiful 3-manual (keyboard) console. In 2006, the need to expand the console was necessary, and this congregation assisted by the Muller Organ Company made the wonderful decision to carefully cut the casework and add a larger panel to the back. The difference in width is the only way one is able to detect a difference, as it was masterfully crafted to match the ornate details of the historic console. All aspects of the console was updated at that point, inside and out. The result is a beautifully ornate console that will only need minimal adjustments for its continued service in this sacred space. When you get a moment and you would like to see this piece of history, come up to the choir loft – carefully – and check it out!

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