Music Notes, Sunday, November 3, 2019 

It is our hope your worship experience will be enhanced by the sharing of these choral texts each week. We invite you to take these notes with you to utilize these texts, ancient and new, as a personal devotional. May the music of the Creator speak to you, now and always. 


Musical Response - River in Judea

Text by Linda Marcus, Tune by Jack Feldman, Setting by John Leavitt

Often-times I dream of music, of the river that freely flows.

And it sings a song sweeter than honey, one everybody knows.

Late at night I hear it singing then again when I wake at dawn.

And it fills me up with hope and goodwill, the will to go on.

Refrain: There is a river in Judea that I heard of long ago.

And it's a singing, ringing river that my soul cries out to know.

I believe it keeps on trav'lin' but it rests on the Sabbath day.

And the time when it pauses in stillness, I almost hear it pray.

When I'm weary and downhearted, how I long for the song it sings,

For the calm within its gentle blue, the peace that it brings. R

May the time not be too distant when we meet by the river, meet by the shore,

'Til them dream of that wonderful day as we sing once more, once more: R

The Choral Offertory - Lead Me On, O Star of Heaven!

Text by James A. Ball, Tune by W. Herbert Layton

This piece is from the music library of Margaret Starlin Armstrong, the Grandmother of Francis Irvin.  Margaret saved her egg money to purchase her first piano.

Lead me on, O star of heaven! Calmly light my dreary way,

Point the truer way before me, in the light of endless day;

When my heart is worn and sad, make my drooping spirit glad.

Shine with purpose ever surer, shine with glory ever purer,

Lead me hopeful ever on.

Tho' dark doubts beset my journey e'en tho' hope is nearly gone.

Still with wondrous radiance beaming lead me on! Lead me on!

Till at last Heaven's portals I behold the trusting mortals

Radiant in the glorious dawn, Lead me on! Lead me on!

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