Adult Hospitality and Prayer

Red Parlor - 9:30 a.m. Education Hour

     During our Sunday morning hour, folks share together while working on prayer shawls and having "God Talk" in our Red Parlor. Some knit, some crochet,and some loom, while others join us for the conversation. We are so grateful that we have been given the gift of a skill that allows us to create and share with others standing in the need of caring and prayer.

     While we are gathered and working with our hands, we begin to talk and share with one another - cares, worries, joys and blessings. IMany find that while creating and praying for the person or persons that may receive the shawl, they personally grow spiritually in the process - becoming more aware of all that God does in life each moment.

     Our circle is open, come join us in the parlor on Sunday morning. You do not have to knit or crochet - just come and join in as we "be" and as we continue to discover God's pattern for our lives.

Wired Word

     We are all somewhat "tuned in" to the 24 Hour news culture and the Wired Word curriculum provides a way for us to take a look at what is current and making headlines in our world, through the lens of scripture.  This curriculum arrives via the internet each Thursday and includes a summary of the news story, biblical references related to the topic and questions from the staff at Wired Word.  Alternative stories are also included.  The class at Gay Street then engages in discussion each Sunday morning, sharing and growing in their understanding of God's presence in the midst of our time and the struggles throughout the world.

     Classes are held on Sunday mornings, 9:30 a.m. in Room 103 on the first floor.

     Want to be involved? Come and join the class!  Be sure to provided an email address to Jan at so that you can receive the summary/scripture and questions in advance.