Children's Worship

Sunday School (Due to Covid-19 Sunday School is not being held in person.)

     Children's Sunday School is a Bible-based Christian education program offered every Sunday morning from 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Exception: When the 8:30 and 10:30 services are combined into a single service there is no children's Sunday school.

     Children's Sunday School is for children ages 3 through fourth grade. Children's Sunday School is on the third floor of the church.  Enter the church from one of the two lower Gay Street entrances. Follow the stairs to the third floor - when you reach the top, go straight. Younger infants and toddlers may go to the nursery on the second floor where two attendants will care for them. While Children's Sunday School is in session middle school, high school, and adults attend their own classes.

     All children are welcome on any Sunday. Our program makes it very easy for a visiting grandchild or cousin to participate. You will be asked to fill out an emergency form if your child is likely to be a regular.

     At 9:30 the children gather in one group for an opening. At about 9:45 they are divided by age and taken to one of three workshops. On the fourth Sunday of each month, the total group has a special activity. Instead of going to a workshop, the Early Learners often go to their own room with one or two highly qualified early learning specialists. On some Sundays they participate in a workshop with the kindergarten and first grade group.

     The children go to a different workshop each week. Schedules are posted and the adult travel guides make sure children get to the assigned workshop.

     Parents may check the posted schedule and then go directly to the classroom to pick up their child at 10:30. If it is more convenient, the travel guide will bring your child tot he red parlor just outside the sanctuary to meet a parent or other designated person. If you have special instructions, tell the travel guide.

Child Care During the Church Service (Due to Covid-19 Child Care is not available)

Children older than nursery sit with their parents or other adults until invited to go to children's worship.  Following children's worship children ages second grade and under are escorted to the nursery.  At the conclusion of the 10:30 service parents may pick up their children. At the entrance to the sanctuary there are special clipboards with crayons, coloring sheets, and other activities for children. Children's choir participants sit in a group on the Sundays they sing in worship.